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Why Men Pull Away In Relationship 21 Signs & Reasons

Why Men Pull Away In Relationship 42 Signs & Reasons & How You Need to Behave to Fix It

Have you ever wondered why men pull away? One minute they’re all in and the next, they’re gone. Figure it out and never wonder what you did wrong again.

Anyone who has ever dated a guy has wondered at least once, “why do men pull away?”

At least that is how you perceive things to be progressing. You’re happy, your relationship is going well, and you can finally envision a true future with your boyfriend. Then, almost out of nowhere, he begins to back away.

Men are much more complicated than most people realize. Our first assumption is virtually always incorrect when they appear to lose interest and pull back, which is predictably unpredictable. In fact, you might be doubling down on the precise conduct that is causing him to withdraw.
Why Men Pull Away In Relationship 21 Signs & Reasons

What are the signs he’s walking/walked away?

It can be challenging to determine whether a guy is backing off or is just being a little evasive. Yet, if you notice these indicators, you might be dealing with a runaway.

1. He left immediately.

A person is pulling away if he simply leaves the room or leaves without giving any explanation. He does not see the need to defend himself.

2. He says he needs some privacy.

Oh, warning sign A guy who is truly interested in you won’t need space and will instead want to be near to you.

3. He becomes unresponsive to you or ignores you.

It’s possible that he is preoccupied or thinking about something, but it’s more likely that he is drifting away from you for whatever reason.

4. He begins to spend more time on other activities.

Perhaps he devotes all of his time to his job, business, favorite sport, or pastime. In either case, he isn’t paying close attention to you.

5. He frequently abandons you to read

If you are often left on read, there is a reason for it as replying to a message doesn’t take long.

6. He disconnects from you on the phone and doesn’t pick up.

Beyond all else, it’s simply plain disrespectful! It’s also an obvious indication that he’s backing off, though.

7. He doesn’t pick up when you call him

Once more, rude. Does he simply not have the time or want to speak with you?

8. He starts chasing or conversing with other women.

A man who is interested in a woman won’t bother with small talk with other people. He must be distracted if he is acting in this manner.

9. He becomes more circumspect.

A person is distancing away from you if he is avoiding you.

Reasons why men pull away

There’s a reason why one of the most popular questions on the internet is “why does he pull away?”. It’s a common male attitude that women find to be incredibly enigmatic and misunderstood.

10. You push too hard.

He will probably start to retreat if you start to hit him too hard and he is not in the same position in the relationship. Men don’t appreciate being forced into relationships.

They will start to pull away and try to separate themselves out of a need to keep control if they believe that you are pushing them into a relationship that they are not ready for or moving too quickly.

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11. He lacks communication skills with you

He can start to push you away if he has anything on his mind or that is upsetting him but is unsure how to express it to you. The major issue here is that he frequently has no idea what is happening, how to explain it, or how to resolve it.

A man frequently determines that everything is too much bother and will escape rather than deal with it because he lacks the ability to express his thoughts or demands.

12. He no longer appeals to me

All a man can do in the early stages of a relationship is fantasize about having sex with you. Dopamine is a hormone that the brain produces at this stage of your relationship in reaction to dreams about being with you.

But, the brain’s production starts to slow off after approximately three to four months, and it appears as though the medicine has worn off.

When that occurs, he is unable to comprehend what is happening. He may start to distance himself out of fear that he is losing interest in you.

13. He has feelings for someone else.

If nothing happened and he is suddenly withdrawing, it is possible that he is attracted to someone else. He may try to find a way out of the relationship when thinking about another woman.

If you notice that his habits are changing, that he is no longer interested in sex, or that he is becoming more secretive and spending less time with you, he may have found someone else.

14. He is under stress at work.

Men are not the same as women. They are not capable of multitasking. If he is preoccupied with something, such as work, he is unlikely to be able to focus on two things at the same time.

If you notice that he is no longer as interested as he once was, it is critical that you look not only at his behavior but also at what is going on in his family and work life. It could have nothing to do with you at all.

15. The hunt and pursuit are over.

Men enjoy a good challenge. If his initial attraction to you was based on conquest and he has now obtained you, the thrill may have worn off. It’s not a conscious decision; he may feel that once he’s won you over, some of his virility is gone.

16. He has low self-esteem.

If you’ve been together for a while and things haven’t gone as planned financially, he may be feeling inadequate.

When a man feels he is unable to provide in the way he desires, the pressure of being with someone he loves can become overwhelming.

He may unwittingly be pulling away due to his own feelings of inadequacy, blaming you for his failures, by transferring his feelings of inadequacy to you.

17. You are at various stages of your relationship.

A relationship has different stages, and if you are at stage 10, but he is still at stage 3, he may be pulling back because he isn’t ready or capable of being where you are.

People are unwilling to commit for a variety of reasons. If he isn’t, and he detects that you are, he will try to pull away and find some space.

18. He knows it’s wrong but isn’t sure how to tell you.

He may love you but isn’t in love with you. Yes, that sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. He genuinely cares about you, but his romantic feelings for you may be lacking.

He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so he may become distant while he figures out how to approach you about it.

19. He’s not really into you.

Sure, you had sex and pretended to be a couple, but in the end, he wasn’t that into you. We know it’s harsh, but it’s usually the reason why men back away just as they’re about to take the next step.

He didn’t anticipate getting serious with you. He now believes that the only way out is to vanish. Not the most mature decision, fellas.

20. He has changed his mind.

This happens to everyone. Maybe we like someone at first, but then things change. Perhaps you argued, or he realized this isn’t what he wants.

If he changed his mind, it was best for you if he distanced himself from you. You don’t want to become emotionally attached to someone who is unsure whether or not they want to be with you.

21. He’s reconciled with his ex.

This is always an option. The ex has a strong hold on him, and even though they split up, they can always reconcile.
Perhaps his ex discovered he was seeing other people and decided to make a move. There’s always the possibility of that happening, especially if the breakup was recent.

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