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What To Do When A Woman Goes Silent On You: 11 Steps To Try

What To Do When A Woman Goes Silent On You: 11 Steps To Try

It might feel as though your words are falling on deaf ears when a lady becomes silent and unresponsive. She may not initiate contact, communicate with you on social media, or react to inquiries about her obligations. Naturally, this might result in annoyance, anguish, and worry.

Some males may respond by copying her actions and becoming enraged. Yet, while this may appear to be a means to revenge for poor communication, it just exacerbates the situation and creates more distance between you.

Here are some ideas for dealing with a scenario in which a lady becomes unresponsive without following her or acting like a desperate pet.

Let It Cool Down

1. Be patient with her.

You’ve probably heard the adage that time heals all wounds. You may or may not agree with it, but it is effective in this scenario. While she needs some space to obtain a fresh perspective, she also requires time to grasp what has transpired. It’s conceivable that the fight was too much for her, and she’s trying to figure out how to respond. She needs time to gather her thoughts. It is critical, however, to highlight once more that you must return and tell about it!

2. Give Her Some Space.

Give her some privacy by leaving the room and giving her some alone time. This will allow her to consider her future moves and explain her emotions. She will appreciate and respect you more if you give her space. Spend time with your friends or do things without her to give her some alone time. But, it is critical that you do not dismiss the topic that caused her pain and return to it when both of you are calmer. Addressing concerns rather than ignoring them is critical to maintaining a successful relationship.

3. Maintain your cool.

Instead of treating her the same way right away, keep in mind that giving someone the silent treatment might result in feelings of grief or resentment in the other person. Rather than allowing these feelings to overpower you, take a break and halt. Consider the causes behind your girl’s quiet, whether it was caused by a disagreement, an emotional outburst, or a succession of little problems. Consider this stillness to be an opportunity to think clearly and reasonably.

4. Consider why she is treating you this way.

Reflect on your previous contacts with her and examine your conduct from her viewpoint to determine why she is giving you the quiet treatment. Examine your texts to determine if she has a valid reason to be dissatisfied with you. If you can’t figure it out on your own, seek the counsel of a lady in your life who may be able to point you in the right direction. Most key, start a conversation by asking her why she isn’t talking to you and what the problem is. Avoid appearing antagonistic or uninterested. Instead, show real interest in understanding her feelings and motivations.

Keep Your Cool

5. Avoid attempting to attract her attention.

The use of silence to attract attention is damaging and should be discouraged. As a result, it is not advisable to contact the person who is giving you the silent treatment while they are avoiding you. That will be a fruitless and ineffective endeavor. If you’ve previously tried to interact with your girl and received bad replies such as insults or derision, you should stop. If this has happened several times, you may choose to move away and prioritize your self-respect.

6. Do Not Ask.

Do not be the sort of person who will continue to text or make an attempt with someone who intentionally cuts you off. If the answer to your outreach is resistance, rudeness, or immaturity, withdraw and discontinue your attempts. Do not beg or pursue someone if it is a lost cause and the connection is irreparably broken. Respecting their preferences and allowing them the space they require is more important at that time than trying to prove a point.
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7. Avoid confronting her in rage.

Responding angrily to silence may have negative implications that might endanger your connection with her. Conversely, you may be met with more silence, which might exacerbate the problem and make regaining her trust even more difficult. Although being ignored or rejected is infuriating, retaliating with rage is neither helpful nor healthy. It’s preferable not to respond if you’re overcome with anger and hatred. Make a conscious decision to wait until you have calmed down. Although inactivity may not solve your marital problems, it will avoid more damage caused by behaving rashly or speaking out of turn.

Be The Cool One

8. Sincere Apology.

Understanding how you may have caused pain or disturbed your spouse is the first step toward resolving disagreements in a relationship. This knowledge, however, is insufficient to fully reconcile. A real apology that goes beyond the word “sorry” should follow. It should also include justifying your acts, accepting responsibility for them, and admitting how they may have affected the other person. This displays a degree of concern and involvement in the relationship that goes beyond simply wanting to be forgiven.

9. Make Contact Many Times.

But don’t give up on her just away. You can make two genuine attempts to discuss and address the problem, accepting responsibility for your actions if needed. Yet, unless you have done anything wrong, it is harmful to persistently pursue someone who is ignoring you. As adults, it’s acceptable to expect both sides to be open to communicating and working towards a solution. Give her space and accept her decision if she decides to ignore or reject you after two tries to reach out.

10. Experiment with the Sandwich Technique.

Even if your spouse does not answer right away, communicate your point of view without pressing them to do so. They may open up to you again over time, but don’t presume their ideas or sentiments unless they expressly declare them. If you must provide constructive criticism, employ the sandwich approach, which entails beginning with a positive comment, followed by your critique, and concluding with another positive statement. When expressing your feelings, use “I” phrases rather than criticizing your spouse. Finally, remember to sympathize with your spouse rather than focus on yourself.

11. Enhance Your Communication Skills With Her.

To increase communication and successfully handle difficulties, you must change your approach to debates. This transition, however, is slow and may take weeks or even months. It is critical to developing new responses to triggering events, although it is natural to revert to old behaviors on occasion. While your spouse may evolve at a different rate than you, it is critical that you prioritize accepting responsibility for your own behaviors. Rather than establishing lofty goals, focus on taking little steps towards development.

In A Nutshell

Understanding a woman’s behaviors and thoughts may be difficult. Good luck with it! In any relationship, effective communication is essential. It is critical to have open dialogues about any difficulties that arise. It may take more work if you’re dating a lady who likes to overthink things. Yet, if you are truly committed to her, no hurdle will be insurmountable.

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