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17 Types of Girls You Should NEVER Fall For & Ways to Avoid Dating Them

17 Types of Girls You Should NEVER Fall For & Ways to Avoid Dating Them

The dating game always comes with the risk of heartbreak. But, you can reduce that chance by knowing the types of girl you shouldn’t fall for from the get-go.

While pain, grief, frustration, and loneliness are unavoidable in every relationship, you may reduce your chances of experiencing these bad emotions by choosing the proper person to be with. In the long run, this will spare you a lot of hassle, sorrow, and grief. Knowing the sorts of ladies you should avoid is a smart place to start.

We’ll get right to the point and let our experiences teach you. Here’s a quick rundown of the sorts of females you should never fall for. Beneath the attractive grins, stunning proportions, bouncing hair, and pleasant appearance may hide a personality that defies expectations.

17 Types of Girls You Should NEVER Fall For & Ways to Avoid Dating Them

1. The materialistic young lady

The material girl is the first on our list of girls you should avoid. To her, your purpose in her life is to shower her with presents as a means of showing her how much you love her. After all, it’s all about the money, the items, and what you have to offer.

She’ll probably compliment your vehicle and watch right away, and she could even inquire about your profession and how much you make.

Her type appears to have a benchmark for the people she dates—your annual earnings. If you buy her a necklace, she’ll be very happy, but never come to her empty-handed because she’ll be the coldest witch you’ve ever met.

2. Barbie doll

She’s lovely, pleasant, and has a beautiful physique. Except for her low IQ, she is flawless in every way. While she may not have remembered much from school, she appears to have a Ph.D. in the bedroom.

Furthermore, when you two go out, she makes guys envious of you.

I hope she doesn’t open her mouth to say her mind because that’s when things would go sour. These sorts of females are fun to hang out with for a while, but you won’t be able to bring her home to meet Mom unless you want to watch a disaster.

3. The lady who is all about herself

She believes the world revolves around her, therefore she believes she is entitled to everything, even your affection. You may admire her self-assurance and determination, but her selfishness and self-centeredness make her unbearable.

If you’re in a relationship with her, you’ll find yourself continually exhausted as you attempt to do everything you can to keep her happy. All the while she lazily accepts everything you have to offer with no regard for return.

4. Miss crippling insecurity

She is another sort of female you should avoid. Guys and women may both be painfully insecure, but this girl takes it to another level.

She’ll talk critically about herself or, worse, other people in order to feel better about her shortcomings. She’ll continuously seek comments and affirmations, convinced that these would reaffirm her self-worth.

5. The queen of drama

She’s the sort who is certain that the world is out to get her. But don’t be deceived. Drama doesn’t just follow her; she has a knack for creating it on her own.

It’s as if everyone and everything is out to get her, and she’s constantly the victim. The issue is that she is unable of admitting her mistakes and accepting responsibility for her own conduct. This blame game will eventually infiltrate into your relationship, making it poisonous.

6. The expert nitpicker

She is a perfectionist who keeps her environment immaculately clean and wants others to do the same… or else. That, or she just has something to say about whatever flaw she detects in others.

And she’s not going to stop there. She’ll criticize everything about you, from how you tie your tie to how you kiss. She will relentlessly criticize you until you come to believe her.

7. Queen dependence

She possesses a number of appealing features. You may even take her to meet your parents for a while. She’s the subservient kind, to the point that she can’t make up her mind on her own.

You’ll feel wonderful for a time since it puts you in a position where you can truly feel like the guy in the relationship. That is until you realize she is completely reliant on you.

When you understand she can’t live her life without you, you’ll realize that type of weight wears thin soon.

8. The desperate woman

She’ll be clingy, domineering, manipulative, and extremely good at making you cry only to get you to do what she wants. She is driven by a profound need to be with anyone, no matter who, for the purpose of simply having someone.

She may follow you around seeking crumbs of your attention, and if you don’t give her what she needs, she may threaten to injure you or herself.

This is not the type of additional stress you want in your relationship. That is why she is one of the sorts of females you should avoid.

9. The talker

She’s kind, personable, and easy to chat with. Yet, as time passes, you’ll discover that her conversational talents are intrinsic rather than trained. You’ll quickly notice that her ability to talk is horribly, insufferably, nonstop.

She’ll tell you about herself, her pals, her job, her day, the barista who brought her coffee that morning, and so on. Eventually, you’ll realize how much she enjoys talking, not only about herself but also about other people.

She’ll eventually get herself *and* you into trouble since she can’t keep her trap shut.

10. The participant

She’s charming and alluring, and she’ll say and do everything to make you fall under her spell in an instant. The issue is that she does the same thing with other males in your presence.
She plays with your emotions, only committing to anything more than a casual relationship since her heart is still set on other males. While she’s fantastic for flings and one-night encounters, you should avoid her if you’re seeking a more serious commitment.

11. The gold prospector

A gold digger, not to be confused with a material girl, takes it to the next level. A true gold digger is a lady who, upon seeing money, seizes the opportunity to take part in it. She doesn’t have to be attracted to you; she’ll do anything to sample your money.

Expensive preferences and a lack of concern for anything other than what you can buy her are red flags that she’s a gold digger.

She may occasionally indicate that she is in financial need in order to appeal to your feeling of chivalry and persuade you to assist her.

12. Show an interest in your date

You must look to be interested in them if you want to have an exciting date.
You’re not going to have a good date if you’re gazing at your phone and hardly answering questions. If you’re bored with your date, start asking questions or end the date early.

13. The Princess

She has the same extravagant preferences as the gold digger, but she isn’t necessarily chasing your money. She’s the lady who expects to be treated like royalty, and anything less will enrage her.

In sum, she’s a high-maintenance lady who insists on always receiving what she wants. The princess is spoiled and not embarrassed about it, and she demands only the finest.

She’ll drive you mad, which is why you shouldn’t fall for her.

14 Ms. unable-to-do-anything-on-her-own

Why should she do it herself when she may ask you to? She’s always the damsel in distress. She always puts on the “poor me” attitude and wants you to do everything for her.

The worst thing is that after you start weaning her off your support with some tough love, she’ll start complaining about how you don’t care about her enough to help her.

15. Feminists

You have no right to open doors and pull out seats for her! Do you think she’s a wimp who can’t do these things for herself?

The feminazi is a militant feminist who will go to any length to demonstrate that women should be treated with complete respect, no questions asked. She has a valid argument, but she takes it to a whole other level.

Any casual remarks or statements about a woman may be viewed as contempt, an attempt to objectify her, or downright misogyny. Most of your arguments will center on your “closed-minded perspective of the feminine sex.”

With her, you have to be careful what you say lest it is misconstrued.

16. The chameleon is number sixteen.

If you leave her alone, she won’t have much of a personality. In an attempt to win your approval, she will begin to imitate everything you do. Her newest fascination is anything you’re into.

You could believe this is wonderful since she’ll do everything you desire. But, if you ask her for her own opinions, she may be unable to respond. She is the sort of lady you should avoid if you don’t want to grow bored soon.

17. The enigmatic one

The mystery woman is interesting since she refuses to share anything about herself. That may be an exciting aspect of the hunt because you feel like you’re revealing her layer by layer. You may begin to question, though, why she does not divulge as much as you would like to know.

After a few weeks of dating, you may be astonished to discover that you know very little about her. Nevertheless, when you’re in a relationship with someone, you’d want even the smallest amount of transparency.

You’re constantly met with wishy-washy reactions. So, if paranoia takes hold of you, you could question what she’s hiding.

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