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Home » Review of the movie Tu Jhooti Main Makkaar: A contemporary love story with a social twist

Review of the movie Tu Jhooti Main Makkaar: A contemporary love story with a social twist

Review of the movie Tu Jhooti Main Makkaar: A contemporary love story with a social twist

As cynical as they come, this boy-meets-girl story of flirting, falling in love, and splitting up shortly thereafter. Families become involved, and eventually, there comes a climax that nobody can predict! Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor feature in the Luv Ranjan-directed film Tu Jhooti Main Makkaar, which plays with extremes. The humorous portions are very humorous, while the monotonous portions are unacceptably boring.


Tinny as shraddha kapoor is an independent career-oriented woman who requires her own space and life, whereas Micky as ranbir kapoor is a family-oriented man who cannot live without his loved ones. They can’t get over each other without a breakup expert. But is it that easy when the families are involved and the couple is on the verge of proposing? Will they give up all for their job and their relationship? Perhaps you can only obtain 60–70% compatibility; you can never get 100%, as Sima Aunty (from Indian Matchmaking) puts it. Even if there isn’t a clear moral compass that the director establishes for his characters, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar strikes a chord with issues and modern-day romantic relationships that aren’t too far removed from reality.

Plus points in the movie

The lovely family drama that is intertwined into a love narrative is what makes Tu Jhooti Main Makkar more engaging. While remaining loyal to its genre, the film also has a sweet familial sentiment lingering in the background. The balance between these two components is excellent in the second half, and this hour of the movie moves along more quickly. The main couple’s topic of contention is timely and provides insight into relationships in the present. The film simply reflects how modern relationships are changing, with no attempt made to intentionally amuse the audience.

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar fills the void left by Bollywood films’ prolonged lack of excellent albums that have topped the charts. Each song is masterfully written, and together they just broaden the film’s scope. They are arranged nicely and are uplifting. Audiences will leave the theater grinning broadly after the full climax episode involving Ranbir and his family.

Things start becoming steamy and the movie turns into something fun as the plot moves from Spain to India. The audience will be surprised and amused by a surprise item in the film. In the movie, Shraddha Kapoor looks seductive and is at her very best. Her part involves a lot and is not simply in the glamorous parts. She and Ranbir competed in terms of performance and dancing skills, and the leading duo possessed great chemistry.

Ranbir is regarded as the contemporary hero best suited for rom-coms, as evidenced by Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar. It’s fun to watch the actor in the film, and he gave his best. The director makes excellent use of his demeanor, body language, appearance, and dancing abilities.With rom-coms, Ranbir amps up the crazy to a whole new level. Ranbir’s acting will generally seem seamless. In dramatic, comedic, and emotional sequences, the actor displayed tremendous talent.

Points down 

The walk is a little slow, and the first hour drags on needlessly. The narrative of this specific episode isn’t all that interesting, and the Spanish portion as a whole is boring. If the writing had been considerably better, the image might have been even more compelling.

The main characters in the film frequently have lecture conversations. These particular monologue exchanges work well in a few circumstances, but after a while, they become a little boring. The movie is a little bit longer, and the first half could have been sharper. Several of the parts were also too many.

Technical Details

The music by Pritam is fantastic and creates a wonderful atmosphere for the film. The Thumka song and Tera Pyaar Main are very delightful to view on the big screen.Hitesh Sonik did a wonderful job on the soundtrack. The stunning cinematography of Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran makes the entire movie appear vibrant. The song production values are excellent, and the songs are beautifully shot.The editing is below par.

With Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar, director Luv Ranjan skillfully tapped into Ranbir’s abilities.The fact that he was able to incorporate a young person’s love story into a family drama, though, is even more astounding, adding a lot of depth to the film.. A timely social issue is presented in a lighthearted way, and the film’s success can be attributed to the work of outstanding actors like Ranbir and Shraddha Kapoor. Having said that, the first half requires significant changes. The producers also ought to have concentrated on cutting down on the protracted dialogues, which diminished the overall impact.

A lovely romantic comedy with plenty of heart, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar. The film has several crowd-pleasing moments, but its greatest strength is how it portrays underlying familial conflict. As well as strong performances from Ranbir and Shraddha, the supporting cast also excels in their assigned parts. Even though the movie drags at the beginning, it’s still worth seeing in a cinema. This week’s moviegoers should choose this romantic comedy. But overall the movie is good. The charm of Ranbir Kapoor has taken the hearts of his fans once again. The bond between Ranbir and his family members in the movie is so beautiful that the audience gets too attached to the plot of the movie which is amazing. The movie is full of entertainment with lots of emotions, fun, romance, drama, etc. Everyone should go and watch this movie in theaters.

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