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How to make photo to video from inshot app

Inshort is a very powerful video and photo editor tool. Its demand is getting higher day by day. People like to edit from Inshort for their Instagram and Facebook story. It is getting popular by following upcoming trends. There are a bunch of magical video editing tools and stickers. Editing like video trimming, cutting, 

adding clip and images are very handy. 

Top Features of Inshot application-

You can see a whole category for editing for daily, trending, festivals or events. 

It also allows users to watch the video re-editing, merging, and changing ratio according to the platform to upload. 

It has filters to change the colour lighting and brightening the photos or video

You can add music and sound effects from the gallery. 

Users get a Wide variety of editing tools 

You can easily export the video from the application to the gallery

How to make status video from inshot app

Step 1 

First you need to Download the inshot application

Download link

After installation you can open it in your phone 

Step 2

You will see three option on the main screen

Photo video and colleague

Choose photo option 

Then you need to give permission of you gallery. 

Step 3

Arrange the photos in the order you want them to appear in the video.

You can add background music or a voiceover to your video from music gallery

Add effects and transitions to your video to make it beautiful. 

 Once you are done editing your video, click on save option 

Now save it to your gallery

Finally you can easily upload the video to your Instagram story

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