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How To Pull Away To Make Him Want You: 19 Smart Tips

How To Pull Away To Make Him Want You: 19 Smart Tips

Even though you’ve been showing him a lot of care and attention, sometimes the best way to make him truly want you is to stop showing it so much.
It’s natural to worry about the potential negative consequences of pulling away, but sometimes it can be beneficial for your own well-being. That’s probably the reason why you want to learn about how to pull away to make him want you.

Creating distance between you and a guy doesn’t have to be a difficult procedure. Keeping things simple and avoiding overthinking, is my suggestion.

You most certainly have a lot of excellent characteristics to give in a relationship, and he should be grateful to have you. As a result, you don’t have to go overboard in your efforts to captivate him. Here are some pointers to help you win him over.
How To Pull Away To Make Him Want You 19 Smart Tips

Choose Yourself This Time

1. Be Miss Self-Reliant.

You don’t have to do anything special to make this happen. You already have a job, pay your own expenses, and can buy everything you want without needing to be in a relationship. You exemplify the attributes of a strong, independent woman, and he will undoubtedly notice.

2. Concentrate on Yourself.

It may sound counterintuitive, but the simplest approach to make a guy want you is to create some space and focus on your own life. You don’t even need to put in any more effort or make any adjustments; simply keep doing what you’re doing. Maintain your profession, spend time with your friends, and follow your hobbies, and he will be unable to resist your enticement.

3. Demonstrate to him that you are living your best life.

When you’ve separated yourself from him, it’s time for the fun part – have some fun! Demonstrate to him that you are enjoying your life to the fullest and that he is not your first priority. Use social media to highlight all of the interesting activities and events you’re attending, whether they’re lunches, hikes, or parties. Make a big deal out of your Instagram stories by posting photographs of your trips. You’ll drive him insane because he’ll discover you’re in great demand and have an active social life.

4. Laugh more often.

Men find it appealing when women laugh, especially when they believe they are the cause of the laughing, as long as they are not the subject of the laughter. Making a woman laugh increases a man’s ego and makes him want to be with her so he may revel in her laughter. As a result, if you make a guy think he’s humorous, he’ll be more attracted to you.

5. Demonstrate Your Intelligence.

Many men are drawn to intellectual women, especially those who lack education or are less knowledgeable, just as many women find clever men appealing. These men are drawn to women who are smarter than them. Men are more likely to be drawn to you and consider a future with you if you look smart and well-read.

6. Always put on your best face.

After you’ve expressed your concerns to him, make an effort to seem appealing and confident. You may enhance your appearance by changing your hairdo or applying cosmetics, or you can undergo a full makeover with lip injections or fillers. The goal is to make him feel uneasy about his appearance in your presence. This will not only make him want you more, but it will also make him regret not treating you well enough in the past.

7. Make Your Potential Known.

Pulling back from a man might provide you with a sense of power, which is always a pleasant sensation. Start by focusing on yourself if you want to feel more strong and make him want you even more. Instead of searching for solutions outside of yourself, go within and tap into your unique strength.

8. Spend more time with your friends.

Knowing how to draw away to make a man desire you might be challenging, but instilling fear in a man that he might lose you if he’s truly in love with you can be a game changer. Spending more time with the people in your life, such as friends or family, is one approach to do this. When your boyfriend inquires about your whereabouts, simply say him you are out with friends and avoid providing too much information. Even if a guy takes you for granted, he does not want to lose you to the unpredictability of life and his own actions.

9. A lot of travel.

Show him that you’re enjoying the life you’ve always wanted—without him. Travel frequently and share images from your adventures on social media. If he’s still interested in you, he’ll be disappointed that he can’t accompany you on those peaceful trips to locations you’ve always wanted to see.

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10. Improve Your Confidence.

When it comes to seducing men, confidence is essential. A man will find you attractive if you radiate confidence and feel you’re a good catch. It’s critical to show that you’re at ease in your own skin and that you believe any man would be lucky to be with you. Men will notice and be drawn to you if you have a firm sense of your own value.

Keep Distance

11. Leave Him Alone.

Cut off all connection with him and vanish, as though you’ve vanished without a trace. Why? And sometimes the best reaction is not to reply at all. When you ghost him, he’ll wonder what happened and why you’ve stopped communicating with him. If he realizes you’re no longer in his life, he’ll be too preoccupied with regaining your affection to notice anything else.

12. Ignore His Calls And Messages.

It’s critical not to make him feel like he’s the center of your universe when you back away. When he texts you, don’t react immediately away. Wait a few hours before answering, but make it clear that you aren’t too concerned. This will confuse and irritate him regarding your actions, driving him insane. If you do not answer his messages, he will make further attempts to contact you. It’s critical not to return his calls or texts in this case.

13. Discard The Quiet Treatment.

If you live with your spouse, this method is very successful. Giving him the quiet treatment for a week might make him reconsider his conduct and consider what he may have done to irritate you. This time out will allow him to come up with his own solutions or strategies to make things better for both of you. You must communicate to him that his acts have repercussions and that you are neither a pushover nor a doormat. He will reconsider his commitment to you once he understands that you are not always available to him and that he must strive to sustain the connection.

14. Inform him that you no longer require his services.

Teenagers seem disinterested and uninterested, however as an adult, you should be open about your attraction. You should, however, express that you are self-sufficient and that your pleasure is not reliant on him. You can live without him, and even if he doesn’t share your sentiments, you’ll be OK. This attitude may make him want you even more.

15. Don’t Make Him Wait.

You don’t want to be left guessing if he’ll wake up one day and decide to call it quits or propose to you. This is why he must commit and state his goals clearly. Even if things don’t work out, you’ll know that you were both sincere. If he is unwilling to commit, you should not wait for him to alter his mind. It is not your job to be with someone unsure of how they feel. By pushing away, you demonstrate to him that you are serious and will not accept horrible treatment.

Make Him Regret Disregarding You

16. Let Him Feel His Guilt.

While it may be tough, one technique to moving ahead is to make him feel accountable for his misery. It’s critical to express to him exactly what’s upsetting you, leaving no ambiguity or possibility for him to try to solve matters. This will let him realize that he did something wrong and that he cannot just “fix” it.

17. Make Him Miss You

It’s a universal truth that absence makes the heart grow fonder. As a result, it’s critical to allow your spouse room and time to miss you. Leave your lover wondering when you’ll return. You don’t have to inform him when you’ll return, and even simple things like going out to dinner with friends or driving around the block might cause him to worry. This allows your spouse to think about what went wrong and what he can do to fix your connection.

18. Attempt to make him envious.

Instill jealousy in him. You may alter your profile image or publish photos of yourself with other males on social media. Guys are often envious, and even if you have no other males in your life, give the idea that there are many other men interested in you. This will make him understand that he is only one of many possibilities you have, and he will need to better himself if he wants to come back with you.

19. Encourage him to first improve himself.

This is a tactic to assist him to understand that he must improve his conduct and attitude before you can consider reconciling. Tell him that his present conduct is undesirable and not conducive to a healthy partnership. This will motivate him to make the required adjustments to better himself and your relationship. He must understand that you will not just overlook his flaws and that he must strive hard to regain your forgiveness and trust.

Go For It

While this list covers some effective ways to make him chase you, it is not an exhaustive list of all possible strategies. By implementing these tactics, you can make progress toward getting him to pursue you, but there may be other methods that could also work. Ultimately, if you follow these suggestions, you may be able to compel him to change his negative attitude and behavior toward you.

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